LENZ社ヒートソックス 1.0® と RCB 1200−リチウム電池パックセット


通常価格 ¥33,384

Our patented Heat Sox 1.0® is a product that clears the test under the most severe conditions. Package Contents: RCB 1200 - 2 Lithium Battery Packs (Rechargeable) Global USB Charger 100-240 V 1 Charge Indicator with USB Charge Cable 1 Lenz Heat Sox 1.0® 2 pairs 1 pair


Even if you wear it is unnoticeable Not to be noticed Heated part integrated High performance socks Wraps the entire toe of the wrapper Use the latest heating element Warm toes and toes ball parts Warmer optimum humidity adjustment function Ergonomic braiding Adopted Shin protector Added pad portion of exposed part Ring dressing best suited for foot support Lithium pack can be easily removed with snap button on legs Washable in washing machine (set at 30 ℃) Light weight lithium pack LENZ Heat Socks, Heat Vest, West Wormer, LED System Available in all models. Temperature adjustment in 3 stages is possible by setting snap button and lithium pack and leg band attachable lithium pack. With smartphone, you can sustain and control the temperature remotely (use Bluetooth smart ready) Up to 14 hours warmth is maintained Global battery charger with sustainable display Completion in a short time Flexible plastic case attached


Polyester 49%

Nylon 29%

Merino wool 7%

Spandex 5%

Polypropylene 10%

It is breathable, ergonomically based socks. Humidity control function, odorless, perfect fit, realized a pleasant touch. Silk is also used for the material, it is a soft seam. I realized warmth with length on the knee irrespective of the season.

Size: 1 (31 ~ 34) / Japan size 20.0 cm ~ 22.0 cm)

Size: 2 (35 ~ 38) / Japan size 22.0 cm ~ 24.5 cm)

Size: 3 (39 ~ 41) / Japan size 25.0 cm ~ 26.5 cm)

Size: 4 (42 ~ 44) / Japan size 27.0 cm ~ 28.5 cm)

Size: 5 (45 ~ 47) / Japan size 29.0 cm ~ 30.5 cm)


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